Monument House

Set on a forested knoll overlooking the Black Forest, this Monument residence presents an arrangement of familiar, simply detailed forms in a contemporary composition. Rather than dominate the hilltop, this design is broken into smaller legible forms that relate to each other in scale as they shift backward. The chimney, clad in native sandstone, is the dominant form which speaks first as the classic image of home. The stair, set back from the chimney is expressed as a separate barrel roofed shape which balances the chimney. These two shapes are then embraced by flanking asymmetrical gables. Creating a sculptural presence on the crest of the hill was a primary design goal of the owners. Modifying that goal was the architectural intention to create forms that were well suited to the intense sun. Basic passive solar principles drove a different design solution for each elevation:

1. The north wall is buffered by the garage and has virtually no windows
2. The long arc of the southwest view wall is shaded more as the glazing rotates to the west.
3. The southeast is glassy, open and fitted with overhangs to soften the summer sun.
4. The taller, stepped massing on the northwest entry wall shades the deeply recessed west windows.



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